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I have spent hours trying to down load and work out how to do this but with your help it took , literally, a minute. Very precise directions, thanks again. I followed the instructions and the m4a is converted to mp3 however, when I tried to import the mp3 it to my movie maker it could not be imported. What am I doing wrong? Please help. Great advice, works like a charm! Your best bet is to burn them to CD then rip them back into mp3. It makes another copy in mp3.

You need to find those. Best advice, thankyou. Finally a reason to use an Apple product.

Step 1. Export voice memos to Mac

I did the conversion from m3a to mp3. It said it was going through the process. I did songs. What the hell did I do wrong???? What is the best software to convert an m4a file to written text?

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As noted, you can simply use iTunes, which is free. And there are many other converters that are also free. It appeared to work but the converted version did not appear in my play list. Where to look? I convert from a playlist, like you. The converted files appear in the main Music library, right at the top. Thank you so much! This was very helpful! Thank you for the simple directions to save me from worrying.

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It was soooo simple! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for spending the time to write this on here! Yes you should. For Thank you very much!! I resolved. Way to go, yeah! Awesome, Easy to do and does not require to download fishy softwares.

Converting M4A to MP3

Amy: had the same problem. You should try to copy the purchased songs into a playlist or the the general all music section. Mark the song s and right click and choose convert to MP3. Cheers, Phil. Great info, but this only works for songs imported from CDs, not songs downloaded from the iTunes store.

Thanks so much : Having purchased a few songs off itunes, I still wanted to play them off Windows Media Player but it never did like the M4a format so had to find some way of converting it : Thanks again. Thanks…seriously thought it would be a pain.

How to convert an M4A (iTunes) audio file into an MP3 for free

Probably was the easiest thing I have ever done thanks to you. Thanks for the help, and btw, Grizzly Bear is my favorite band. The original is my favorite by them. I am really in debt to you for this post! Thank you so much for doing this, to people like me that are so technology impaired these tips are life savers!!! I bought my son a fisher -price mp3 player and all his music was on my i-tunes so it was all in m4a!!! Thank you very much. One of my players will not play AAC m4a so this is very useful.

Exactly why I try to get my music from Amazon or Walmart where they still use mp3. Thanks so much. The option isnt even there! It took me a few seconds to figure that out. You need to go into settings and change the default import settings to MP3 encoder. Thanks sooo much. I have an MP3 player that will only play mp3 or wma, but I want to keep it because it has a built-in microphone. Except m4a is not a proprietary Apple format — get your facts right. Another one that thinks AAC stands for Apple.

No, m4a is actually less patent encumbered that mp3 is. To convert already compressed audio file is resulting much worse quality of the file. Compressed m4a file is first transformed to aiff and that file is transformed to compressed mp3. The could be other reasons to want to do this apart from audio quality — such as wanting to play the files on a different device. Seriously, dude. I actually want to hear my music on the go. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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MP3 to M4A Audio Converter for Mac and Windows

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