How to change cm to inches in word 2011 mac

Notice that L-shaped symbol that appears there? Feel free to double-click that illustration above to get a bigger version.

Resize Word documents for printing, no matter what page size they started in

Just use your mouse to drag it over in either direction. Double-click on that tab setting to go back to the Tabs dialog box, choose a different radio button Center, Right, etc. Feel free to hit that full screen button on the bottom right of the video player so you can see the finer details of this. If you've ever tried to re-set tabs for a document and found that suddenly all the default tabs were gone or you'd messed up the rest of your document somehow, here's a little trick: Select the text you want affected by the new tab settings, then set the tabs.

The rest of the document will be unaffected. I spend an inordinate amount of my time playing with computers and attempting to explain technology to lawyers and law office staff.

How to Change PDF Page Size?

It's not always easy, but someone's got to do it. Click here to learn about regular or left tabs, click here to get some education on right tabs, and click here […]. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thank you from all of us WordPerfect lovers!

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Thanks, Debora. The tabs I am setting disappear as soon as I go to edit a new line of text. Do I have to set them for each line separately? What am I doing wrong? What about when using bullet points with numbers? One thru nine are fine; then number ten tabs a wider space between the number and the sentence.

How can I make all the spacing even? Can you illustrate? Are you putting in a bullet then tabbing and then adding a number and then tabbing again? I have the exact same issue. I have a document with numbers 1 — 15 with indented a. So it looks like this: 1. First, answer some questions of mine. I like your macro, but i was wondering if you could write it a bit differently, so the the picture-size gets changed depending on the current one.

Polygon Center Circles for PowerPoint

Change the original code and multiply the image Width with 0. The macro provided works perfectly, thank you.

How to Change Ruler Measurement Units in MS Word (2003-2016)

But I have been desperately hunting for the code for a single macro that both inserts an image and resizes it. Do you know of a solution? Thank you, Sara. I need to crop pictures to aspect ratio of Landscape , with width 4. Are able to help at all? Thank you. You should first select the image and then start recording the macro. The tab will be available and you can resize the image. As soon as I ok that dialog box, the picture becomes deselected and the picture format menu is no longer available.

I had the same problem when reproducing. Please try the following: Pause the recording, select the image again, resume recording. Hello, I am trying to create a template for Biographies for our company. I created a mail merge document — easy peasy. I need to either 1. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. I am using MS Word Just expand the selection at line 8 to all the images in the document.

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Word: Reduce large image sizes with picture compression

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How to Print Word Documents to Different Paper Sizes

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  • October 24, at am. Hey Eric, Thanks for the tip. Can this macro be modified to do that? Thanks man! Jonathan says:. July 8, at pm. August 12, at am. Hi thanks for the code. August 20, at am. January 26, at pm. Newer mind the previous — didt work when copy-pasted. Works rewritten into the editor. Sven says:. May 15, at pm.