How to make pendrive bootable in mac

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How to create a bootable Windows 7 8 USB on a Mac

Hello Guys, I am just super worried about messing up my Mac. So no linux files stored on Mac?

Just a note to say that this procedure works for other better Linux distros and BSD installers too. Thanks for the article. I used Etcher and it was easy to make a bootable live ubuntu usb stick and DVD. Either work fine on my MacBook Pro. However, I have a problem when I try to make the full install from a running live session. However, it will not boot on my MacBook Pro. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab.

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Make a Bootable Flash Installer of OS X or macOS

This should be dealt with in a later step. In this article we assume an approach in which we download the iso file of a Linux distribution in this case Linux Mint The Etcher. Select the USB stick and select Erase in the toolbar or right-click.

Check carefully that you have chosen the right device and click Erase. Then Etcher can be run at the current location or dragged to your Applications folder. By default, recent versions of macOS block the execution of applications from unidentified developers. Etcher configures and writes to your USB stick in three steps, each of which must be selected sequentially:.

Like Disk Utility, Etcher needs low-level access and will request your password after selection. That was all.

How to Make a Bootable Flash Installer of OS X or macOS

The USB stick has been created. The name of the version of macOS, is the one you want to install on the key and downloaded. Type everything else exactly as you see it or better yet, copy and paste it from here. Other versions including High Sierra and Mojave : see the next step. If you did not download the file from the App Store, you must modify the file path after "applicationpath". After correctly entering the command with the name of your USB drive, press the [return] key. Check the name and path of your USB key.

If it looks correct, press the [Y] key, then press [return]. When Terminal indicates the process is "Done," the creation of your bootable drive has succeeded. Cancel: I did not complete this guide. These translators are helping us fix the world! Want to contribute?

Badges: I'm thinking of using this method to revert back to an older os due to my mac slowing down with Sierra. Will I be able to install just Yosemite or el capitan?

macOS Catalina USB installer video tutorial

Without installing previous os upgrades? This way I can have a fresh mac book. Difficulty Easy. Steps 8. Time Required 30 minutes - 2 hours. Sections 1. How to create a bootable USB drive 8 steps.

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