Mac cosmetics customer care strategy

Marketing mix of MAC Cosmetics - MAC Cosmetics Marketing mix

Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, etc. Here Mac talks about its history, mission, vision and future goals. In this section, customers are given the ease of locating a nearby M. C store, communicating with customer service, finding out more about M. C, exploring their accounts, selecting gift cards and connecting with M. C on social Media. It is also important to note that M. C makes it easy to communicate with a customer service agent, whether they need makeup tips or help with an order or returns. They are available from M-F from 10 am to 10pm. Mac has created limited edition collection for a customers that reflect the season and spirit of the Christmas holiday.

The images are larger and clearer especially while contrast with the white background. There are instructional videos and step-by-step pictures so as to make practice easier. There are also tweets being posted by the artists either updating the customers or encouraging them to purchase certain products by recommending them.

Promote online and personal Sales M. The website also has the option to change languages. C stands behind the quality of their product. They also have a back to M. C Cosmetics follows this strategy and stands out as the world's largest makeup company. C is building and maintaining a relationship. I always said it is not about selling the product; it is about selling yourself and your ability to make choices for that customer.

Increase brand awareness, loyalty and customer engagement.

MAC Cosmetics crafts mobile campaign to drive sales

C website is not just an online store; the Artistry feature gives repeat and potential customers the opportunity to learn new makeup techniques and skills. Customers can quickly access tips and tricks from professional makeup artists on how to make the most of their recent purchases. Fight AIDS with lipsticks. All proceeds of the products are being donated to their M. C AIDS fund. C advertises these products by getting them endorsed by celebrities.

Each line is 9. C has already begun advertisement for the next Viva Glam, Ariana Grande. Now M. C is marketed to women and men of all ages and races.

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YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. For instance, M. C encourages its customers to create bold lip designs and paste them on their Instagram with specific hashtags e. C under Estee Lauder provides gross value through a personalized consumer experience. What makes M. C different and better than it competitors is that it caters to all races.

Mac cosmetics customer care strategy

However, the majority of its customers are women. Because women have become financially independent, this is seen as an advantage since most of M. The Internet, social media, and mobile applications are M.

The behavioral profile of their target audience is people that do not mind spending money on beauty, fashion, socializing and entertainment. C satisfies its target audience by offering products at affordable prices for everyone. C has created a niche for itself where it is perceived as classy and Avant-garde without being seen as extravagant. Its primary traffic is from the US, it is ranked in the US and its bounce rate is This is very normal because women are highly attracted to makeup, and some of them consider it essential. In fact, most women do not see makeup as a luxury but rather as a necessity.

Although, in some very few societies, women are not allowed to apply makeup apart from those places, the majority of women and even men do. As stated earlier, M. It is funny but not weird to see that People browsing from work are very well represented at M. Some people consider M. Therefore, not many people can afford to buy makeup from M. C especially since they can afford to get it somewhere for a cheaper price.

The high percentage of African Americans and Caucasians is not surprising, being that this is the website for the US, however Asians are under-represented although there is a relatively high number of Asians in the US. Finally, the high percentage of those without kids may be because, mothers hardly have time for makeup due to higher and more time-consuming priorities. C are also interested in the above. This is not strange seeing as M. C is also categorized under them.

However in the estimate of unique visitors, M. C has almost half as many visitors as Sephora. I believe the reason Sephora has this much visitors is because they sell much more than makeup.

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C just selling makeup. However, it is still considered as M. This shows that M. C may need to extend its product line, although it is already branching out to skin care. Considering the fact that this is M. Probably they can make available on every post, links that direct customers to the webpage of the product being advertised. Although M. I recommend that they work hard on creating a reputation on these social media outlets. A benchmark to compare against, is a standard against which you measure progress towards your goals.

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C has carved a niche for itself, people are coming up with bigger and better ideas, they are putting a lot more into advertising than M. C is and they are more affordable. To Measure M. I will look out for how effective the current case is compared to the previous one. For Instance, since M.

Mac Cosmetics Project Business 360 Marketing

C through social media outlets? How effective is the back to M. C program? These questions will enable M. They will also be able to figure out how efficient their new site as opposed to the old one and how effective their mode of advertisement is. It will also help them understand how effective their methods of communication are. Featuring more than brands, along with its private label, Sephora offers beauty products including makeup, skincare, body, fragrance, color, and hair care.

C, Sephora and Clinique websites in the last one year. Sephora shows the highest amount of traffic while Clinique shows the least.


C seems to be the same. Although there was a minor decline from March to June, there is an increase now. Clinique, on the other hand, seems to be unsteady; there was an increase in January, but that has dropped and, unfortunately, it has not caught up to where it was at the beginning of the year.