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How to share Mac screen in Messages

Messages, as well as the earlier iChat messaging client that Messages replaced, has a unique feature that allows you to share your Mac desktop with a Messages or iChat friend. Screen sharing lets you show off your desktop or ask your friend for help with a problem you may be having. If you allow it, you can also let your friend take control of your Mac, which can be very helpful if your friend is showing you how to use an app, a feature of OS X, or simply helping you troubleshoot a problem. This co-operative screen sharing is a great way to troubleshoot issues with a friend. It also provides a unique way for you to teach others how to use a Mac application.

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When you're sharing someone's screen, it's just like you're sitting down at his or her computer. You can take control and work with files, folders, and applications, anything that is available on the shared Mac's system. You can also allow someone to share your screen. Before you can ask someone to share your Mac's screen, you must first set up Mac screen sharing.

Once you have screen sharing enabled, you can use Messages or iChat to allow others to view your Mac, or to view someone else's Mac. So, why use messaging apps to initiate screen sharing?

OS X: Easy screen sharing with Messages

By using the messaging apps, you can share your Mac's screen over the Internet. Even better, you don't have to configure port forwarding , firewalls, or your router. If you can use Messages or iChat with your remote buddy, then screen sharing should work assuming there's a fast enough network connection between the two of you. If you attempt to use Messages or iChat to log into your Mac while you're on the road, there won't be anyone at your Mac to accept the request to connect. So, save the messaging apps for screen sharing between you and another individual; there are other screen-sharing methods you can use when you want to remotely connect to your own Mac.

Messages makes use of your Apple ID and iCloud to initiate the screen sharing process, so screen sharing with Messages won't work for Bonjour or other Messages account types; only with Apple ID account types. In the selected conversation, click the Details button in the top right of the conversation window.

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From the popup window that opens, click the Screen Sharing button. It looks like two small displays.

Make the appropriate selection, depending on whether you wish to share your own Mac's screen, or view your friend's screen. A notice will be sent to the friend, informing them that they have either been invited to view your screen or that you're asking to view their screen.

The friend viewing your Mac's desktop can only initially view the desktop, and won't be able to interact directly with your Mac. They can, however, request the ability to control your Mac by selecting the Control option in the Screen Sharing window. Either party can end the screen sharing by clicking the flashing double display icon in the menu bar, and then selecting End Screen Sharing from the dropdown menu. In the iChat list window, select one of your buddies. You don't need to have a chat in progress, but the buddy must be online and you must select him or her in the iChat list window.

You can log in with Back to My Mac as if you were using the computer directly. To access a computer you have set up with Back to My Mac, launch Finder and look for the computer in the sidebar under the Shared heading. Once your computer appears in the Finder sidebar, click on it. You should now see the Share Screen button at the top of the window.

Click on this and wait. As soon as the connection establishes, you can control this computer. Use these free tools to share screens or gain remote access to another computer. Read More for a comprehensive list. By far one of the easiest third-party tools to use is TeamViewer.

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This is all you need to receive support or offer support to others using the service. The usual advice rings true as always: be careful who you trust! The easiest way to get help with a Mac computer problem is to use iMessage and its built-in Screen Sharing function.

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For working remotely, enable Back to My Mac on your home or work computers and get access whenever you need it, no matter where you are. When it is a computer it can bring our life to a standstill. Here are the top 10 troubleshooting sites for your tech problems on the web.

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Read More to enlist the help of a complete stranger. Your email address will not be published. Top Deals.

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How to Setup Screen Sharing Between Two Mac Computers

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