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Onfine Leo. Raincoo Industrial Company Limited. However you also might find it to be an attractive accessory, as they come in a range of colors and styles, from transparent to blue to pink to rainbow. Another thing people worry about when it comes to keyboard protectors is ventilation — many people think that MacBooks vent heat via the keyboard through gaps under the keys , and thus that using a keyboard protector will interfere with the flow of air and cause the computer to overheat.

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So where do MacBooks have vents? Therefore you are safe to use a keyboard protector with any model of MacBook.

Great product so recommend it albeit my experience is still just based See All Buying Options. In stock.

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Its works as described and protects your keyboard from dust and other dirt which could clog the keys but it severely affects typing ability. I've had it for a while now and still haven't gotten used to the way it affects typing but i would still recommend it as it does the job well. I currently use this cover on and off - keeping it on for most of the day browsing the internet, watvhing videos etc. Add to Basket. Keeps keyboard clean. Molwuka Sheffield, South Yorkshire. This is very much admired by my friends and I love it too.

It keeps my keyboard very clean as you catch all the crumbs and dust on this cover and they never get into your keyboard so I'm sure it prolongs the life of the computer.


It looks very pretty and it matches the cover I bought with it. Highly recommended. Very slim keyboard protector, fits my MacBook very well, and feel not much difference while typing.

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No need to worry about the hassle of cleaning keyboard any more! Works as expected, although I didn't use the screen protector as I don't wish to compromise the display.

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Only 15 left in stock. Prefect case amd even better keyboard protector! It is crafted very decently and it is made of premium feeling plastic.

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