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Change video bitrate:. Crop pixels from:. Developed by Microsoft in , it has become so widespread that many people consider it the de-facto standard for storing video and audio information on PC. AVI combines audio and video into a single file in a standard container to allow simultaneous playback.

Its advatage is a simple architecture, due to which AVI runs on a number of different systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix and is supported by all of the most popular web-browsers. Each chunk is identified by a FourCC tag. An AVI file takes the form of a single chunk in a RIFF formatted file, which is then subdivided into two mandatory chunks and one optional chunk.

The first sub-chunk is identified by the hdrl tag.

2.1 Die auf einem Mac unterstützten Video-und Audio-Formate

This sub-chunk is the file header and contains metadata about the video, such as its width, height and frame rate. The second sub-chunk is identified by the movi tag. The third optional sub-chunk is identified by the idx1 tag which indexes the offsets of the data chunks within the file.

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Convert AVI file. Its everywhere. Some of its good. Some of it is great. The great stuff you often want to play over and over again. The problem with that is that sometimes the web pages go away and then the bookmark you created to go back and rewatch the video is gone.

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Besides video conversion, the app can also edit video, extract music and images from video, and create photo slideshows. Some times you also want to be able to set more advanced features when editing or converting video. For those occasions, the advanced user will enjoy being able to control size, bit rate, frame rate, and sample rate. All OSes. All licences. Software Free Download Soft You can skip this in seconds Click here to continue.

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