Run time error 438 excel mac

The first step to fixing the error is to uninstall the Microsoft Works add-in for Office.

This often causes conflict with the Office software. Removing it should stop any further conflict within your system. After removing this add-in, you then need to apply the Microsoft hotfix This has been specially designed to fix the problems that are causing the error, and basically, allow you to quickly enable your computer to run as smoothly as possible again without having to uninstall any more software you may want to use. The registry database is a central storage system for all the files, settings and options that Windows uses to help it run.

I wrote a macro in Excel Windows and it runs without issues in that application. I encounter a runtime error 9 issue when I open the same macro file in Excel for Mac and try to run it.

Runtime Error Fix - How to Repair Runtime Error When Using Office | Digital Gyan

The macro copies and pastes cell ranges from a worksheet in the. The line that is underlined is what is shown highlighted when you enter debug mode and apparently is the line were execution stops and where the macro encounters the error in Excel for Mac.

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Does the macro need to be written differently if it's running on a Mac in MacOS Sierra vs on a windows machine running Windows 7? If so, what needs to be done differently?


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VBA – Ошибка выполнения 438

The first one traps a runtime VBA error when it occurs, the second one tells the application the point from which to resume code execution when the error has been caught if you decide to catch the error and the third one informs the user where and which runtime error took place. A runtime Error in VBA can occur for a plethora of reasons. The most frequent ones occur when one tries to execute the wrong operations.

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These can be trying to access a non-existent object, property or a function. Getting the unexpected runtime error in excel workbook the try to save the file as macros.

Run Time Error 438 - Object Doesn't Support this Property or Method

Shapes 'shp'. Select 'Accessing a non existent object Application. On Error Resume Next When you place an On Error Resume Next statement in your VBA code, it will ensure that whenever an error occurs, code execution will resume from the line immediately following the line that generated the error. In the code shown below, an error occurs when we try to divide 1 by 0.

The output in this case is 0. When an error takes, this statement causes the code execution to skip all lines and move directly to the place marked with the label:and to resume execution from there.

Runtime Error 438 Can Anyone See What Is Wrong With This Code? - Excel

Now when the error occurs, code execution skips all lines in between the line where the error occurred and the said label. Code execution then resumes from the line immediately following the label.

How to Log (Track) Excel errors with Microsoft Azure Cloud in real-time

The output in this case is 0 unlike 0. In both the above cases, the exact line or step that caused the error is skipped. However if that step is critical and has an impact on subsequent lines of code, you may want to catch the error, rectify the error and then resume from the same line again.

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The first time the following code executes, the variable mynum is assigned a value of 0 and therefore causes an error to occur. The code catches the error, assigns a new value to the variable and then re-tries the same step again by going back and resuming code execution from the line that caused the error. In many cases, by simply rectifying the part of the code that generated the error we can eliminate the need for error handling or atleast reduce the dependence on it to a great extent.