Show all hidden files mac mavericks

How to Hide Tags from Mac Finder Sidebar in OS X Mavericks

To hide a file or folder, just rename it and place a period at the start of its name. Secrets, with the period in front. File managers and other utilities will hide it from view by default. You can view hidden files in an Open or Save dialog, too. Macs also hide files and folders beginning with a. Hiding a file or folder is a bit more difficult on a Mac.

You can quickly mark a file or folder as hidden with the chflags command in the terminal. Next, locate the file or folder you want to hide in the Finder. Drag and drop it to the terminal. Note that this only works in Open and Save dialogs — not in the Finder itself. However, this may be the most convenient way to quickly access your hidden files when you need them.

How To: Unhide User Library Folder Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks

First, open a Terminal window in the same way as above. Run the following commands on Mac OS X These commands will set the Finder to always show hidden files and restart the finder so your changes will take effect. Type each command into the terminal and press Enter after each. The Finder will show hidden files.

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