Why is imessage not working on my mac

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Try signing in again and it should work. An error occurred during activation. It should work. Your iCloud Keychain is meant to link up your usernames and passwords, credit card information and your WiFi network information across all your devices that are signed in using that same Apple ID. So the way to get over this situation is to turn off the iCloud key since it is messing things up. Now choose to Keep on this Mac a copy of all your Safari passwords and credit cards onto your Mac.

This method works to refresh the encryption keys that is being held and used by your iMessage and FaceTime. Delete the files or file. This is so if anything goes wrong we have backup. The file will be removed with just one command.

Part 1. Why iMessage Not Working on Mac?

Thanks Jake. Thank you very much for this page, which made me feel like I had tried literally everything. In the end I called apple and walked through the process of having them unlock it with a senior tech after I had walked through the general troubleshooting. Thanks for the very detailed and easy to follow instructions and information to a new Mac user trying to get into FaceTime for the first time. Basically I had been blocked and after verifying my ID he unblocked my account.

It was the second Agent who called the next day after I had booked a call that recognised it was Apples fault and put me through to the engineer.

iMessage reports

Many thanks again. I solved my problem by going through the 13 steps, and finally the last one worked. Many thanksQ. Thanks a lot. You saved me a lot of unnecessary hassle.


Thank you so much! Finally, after step 8 I was able to log in to both iMessage and FaceTime.

iMessage not working? Current status overview | Downdetector

Solved this problem today. Sign out of iCloud and then sign into Messages. Problem solved. Then signed back into iCloud. My Dad 83 yr old veteran has an iPad 2 and a couple months ago it stopped allowing us to FaceTime. It says error occurred during activation.

How to Fix iMessage Not Syncing on Mac

We have tried to signing into iMessages and FaceTime without success-plz help. August 3, 37 Minutes By Jake Kovoor. The very first thing to do is to cross out that you have enabled your Apple ID for Messages. Check your Apple ID. Apple Mac.

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