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Only for unenlightened ones. And more for Great Maya who is powerful as much as Buddha, that is why you must meditate with the expert, because Great Maya may cheat you, you may fall into the trap of the Maya. The Maya likes to disturb practitioner and he is powerful. He can exercise his power on anyone, anywhere, anytime.

One person achieved the Buddhahood and took maximum 9 generations of relatives with him, and Great Maya hates it.

The less people for the Maya harass, molest, torture, or mislead for fun, for controlling, for In reality, if you want to read Buddha sutras or the scriptures of any religious order you must be enlightened first. You must have more or less similar experience of transcendental awareness and you still do not know who to ask. Well, good question.

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Who is MA? A Buddha who left Nirvana because his big ego, to be a big boss. In Nirvana, he was nobody.

He came to me and said, that by magic arts which were at his command, he had caused the lovely music to sound in order to awaken me, and that he now forced his way through all fastenings with the intention of offering me his hand and heart. My repugnance to his magic arts was, however, so great, that I vouchsafed him no answer.

He remained for a time standing without moving, apparently with the idea of waiting for a favorable decision, but as I continued to keep silence, he angrily declared he would revenge himself and find means to punish my pride, and left the room. I passed the night in the greatest disquietude, and only fell asleep towards morning. When I awoke, I hurried to my brother, but did not find him in his room, and the attendants told me that he had ridden forth with the stranger to the chase by daybreak. Alexa Traffic Rank.


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I dressed myself quickly, ordered my palfrey to be saddled, and accompanied only by one servant, rode full gallop to the forest. The servant fell with his horse, and could not follow me, for the horse had broken its foot.

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I pursued my way without halting, and in a few minutes I saw the stranger coming towards me with a beautiful stag which he led by a cord. I asked him where he had left my brother, and how he had come by this stag, out of whose great eyes I saw tears flowing. I fell into a great rage at this, pulled out a pistol and discharged it at the monster; but the ball rebounded from his breast and went into my horse's head.

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I fell to the ground, and the stranger muttered some words which deprived me of consciousness. The magician appeared once again, and said he had changed my brother into a stag, my castle with all that belonged to it, diminished in size by his arts, he had shut up in the other glass chest, and my people, who were all turned into smoke, he had confined in glass bottles.

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He told me that if I would now comply with his wish, it was an easy thing for him to put everything back in its former state, as he had nothing to do but open the vessels, and everything would return once more to its natural form. I answered him as little as I had done the first time. Amongst the visions which passed before my eyes, that was the most comforting in which a young man came and set me free, and when I opened my eyes to-day I saw thee, and beheld my dream fulfilled.

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